• How far in advance do I need to book my cake?

    It's a good idea to book your cake as soon as the date of the event is finalized. Some of our clients will book cakes weeks in advance. As we can do limited cakes on a given day, please place your orders at least few days in advance, but we try our best to accommodate last minute order including same day orders.

    We also have ready to go cake available for pickup without any advance booking. So, feel free to drop anytime during our business hours to get a freshly prepared cake.

  • Do you require payment prior to booking cakes?

    We need full payment in advance to book a cake order. Your order can't be confirmed without full payment. Please note that we accept cash, debit and credit cards. Currently, we don't except cheques.


  • Do you sell cakes with egg also?

    No, not at all. At Rashmi's Bakery, we don't use eggs, animal fats or nuts in any of our products. We work in totally egg, animal fat free and nut free enviornment.

  • Do you use nuts in your bakery?

    Our bakery is completely free from nuts. We don't use peanuts or tree nuts in any of our products. So, if you have allergies from nuts or you want to send your cake to places like school, day care etc., our cakes are perfect.

  • Do you offer dairy-free cakes?

    Yes, we offer dairy-free cakes on special orders. All of the cakes you see on the website are available in dairy-free, though the flavours are limited.

    We also have some of our dairy-free products available most of the time, which include cupcakes, vegetable patties and cream horns etc.

  • What about Gluten-free cakes?

    We also offer gluten-free cakes on special order. All of the cakes are available in gluten-free. You can order gluten-free cakes online also by just selecting gluten-free cake option when ordering a cake.


  • Are there any special requirement for large orders?

    For online and phone orders over $100, we may request you to provide us with additional documentation including
    - A copy of your driver's license
    - A copy of your credit card used during transaction
    - A completed authorization form with your signature and permission to charge your credit card.

    We will contact you with more information if required.

    We may also request you to visit our store to pay partial or full amount in person using a credit card, debit card or cash.

    We also reserve all the rights to cancel your order if our credit card company has problem processing your payment.

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