Sage Green Tiered Cake

Product Code: 9642

This cake can be made as 10" + 6" size for 50-55 servings and would cost $350.

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By ordering a cake, you agree that you have read and accept following policies regarding cake design:

  • WARNING: Please don't push anyone's face into the cake as there is a risk of serious injury caused by dowel rods, toys, decorations, fruits or fillings etc. used in the cake.
  • All tiered and high cakes contain food safe wooden or plastic dowel rods (required for stabilizing the cake). Please remove these dowel rods from the cake before serving.
  • All cakes are hand made. So, design may vary than pictures.
  • Depending on the screen types and light conditions under which the cake pictures are taken, colour on screen may look quite different than actual colour.
  • We will try to match colours to the best of our ability, but we can't guarantee that colour will look exactly what you have in mind.
  • All cakes with strawberries (inside or outside cake) should be consumed same day as strawberries have very limited shelf life.
  • The toy and cake decorations on top of the cakes are not available all the time. So, we will use closest replacement in that case.
  • Colours like black, blue, red and other dark colours can taste bitter and leave stains on hands and mouth, you can choose lighter colours to avoid this. Other option is to remove dark coloured cream while eating the cake.
  • All decorations we use on the cakes are food safe but may not be edible, so please remove these decorations before eating cake as these these may not taste good and may not be safe and can easily choke small kids. Please supervise small kids while they eat cake with these decorations.

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